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8" x 8" (20.32 x 20.32 cm) 

Full Color

96 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1449558925 

ISBN-10: 1449558925

About Sun Gone Nova

"Sun Gone Nova" is a selection of witty single panel comic strips by H. Evie Ryland that were initially published in the print newspaper Century City News. This colorful collection has been compiled from the best of those comics. With her artistic and scientific perspective, Ms. Ryland delivers zany satire and analytical humor. Her vividly colored cartoons capture a curious and surreal world. Follow this link to Ryland's children's book, "The Dream".

The Sun Gone Nova cartoon collection is a selection of witty single-panel comic strips for all ages. Zany satire and laughable insights take the reader on a whimsical journey through skewed space and time. An enjoyable gift for everyone, all comics are produced in vivid color, perfect for framing.