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An Invitation


We want to challenge the status quo of what it is to be a car show. We want to inspire wonder, possibility and excitement. We want to stoke the fires of desire, to cast our fears aside and experience something new, learn something new and create something new. We want to push the boundaries of physics and mechanical engineering and discover what it is we are looking for around the next winding road. There is a culture of passion in the car world. It is a dynamic that strikes a chord in our hearts and our deepest ambitions. It connects us through adrenaline, curiosity and creativity. It inspires lifelong friendships and genuine laughter. To us, cars embody dreams and goals. They are the way to adventure and freedom. We chase sunrises, sunsets and star filled skies on epic journeys discovering secret places, new flavors and building loyal bonds. We want to feel the sunshine, the rain, the mud, the snow and appreciate that every breath of life is a part of our fierce unwavering expedition. We believe in pushing our limits and thinking differently.  We know you do too, and we invite you into our shared experiences. Meet us at the rendezvous.

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The clips below reflect our show segment & structure inspirations. We delve into automotive engineering and design but we mostly interrogate interview captured experts, enthusiasts, visionaries & entrepreneurs. There are lots of driving adventures, travel, food, history & exploration. I hope to see you at the rendezvous.

Classics & Luxuries

Breathtaking Journeys

Driving Adventures

Spy Thrills & Chases

Building Dreams

The Path to True Happiness: Food

Passion for Discovery

Teaching & Learning

Driving in a 2 Dimensional World

Pushing Boundaries

The Best For Last...

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