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Film Submission Guidelines

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You are here because like us, you want to inspire people, stimulate the senses and shake up the monotonous routines blanketing our sleepy world. We invite you to share with us your awesome life lessons, adventures, dreams, triumphs, tribulations, tears and love. I imagine you already know how to shoot awesome videos, but just to cover all the bases of what we need in particular, please read the submission guidelines before submitting your videos.

Ours is a love story about courageous lives, incredible cars, food, wine, travel & adventures. For inspiration, view some of the videos that inspired us along our journey.


Video Guidelines

Part I, Introduction: A 30 second – 1 minute video that gives an overview of why you are who you are, the cars you love, or otherwise gives insight into your importance/relevance to the story and/or your profession. (Note: Introduce yourself in the video and be as clear and expressive as possible. This is entertainment, be alive people! We love you!)

Part II, Demonstration: A 45 second – 2 minute video demonstrating why you are such an awesome human. This is TV, so we need to see it! What are your passions? Have you won any awards? What is something interesting we can learn about you? How have cars changed your life? What are your hopes & dreams? Was there a major turning point in your life? Show us what makes you interesting, a technique, talent, accomplishment or expertise. You are awesome and we want to share your journey.


How to Create a Video

Presentation: For the introduction, position the camera such that it records you at approximately waist level. We will crop it as necessary. For the demonstration portion, make sure you are filming in a decluttered location with no distracting backgrounds, noises or movements. Make sure any relevant cars or props are seen clearly. If you are including photos, please upload them in hi-res, separately from your video.

Delivery: We want to connect with you personally. Speak clearly, utilizing adequate volume (use a strong voice, without shouting), and make good eye contact with the camera. If possible, memorize what you're saying or be able to speak off the cuff in a professional and upbeat manner. (Note: Record for at least 5 seconds looking into the camera before and after you speak.)

Filming: If the camera is not stationary (tripod recommended), the camera operator must remain steady. (Note: Record a few tests to ensure adequate lighting, framing and sound capture.)

General Video Specs: If shooting with your phone remember to shoot in landscape mode. Make sure to record in HD video; 1080p or higher. Introduction and demonstration videos can be shot as one single video, just keep it all under 3 minutes. You know who you are and what you want to say about it. If you have something different from what we've outlined that you feel is relevant and want to include, capture it on video and send it. You are what makes this show awesome. Thank you!  

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