About H. Evie Ryland


H. Evie Ryland is an American film producer, artist, author, actress, model, TV show host, philanthropist and humorist. 

She has written, acted and produced films since 1998. Her first major feature film was in 2004 with the action crime drama she produced, El Padrino featuring an all star cast. Her network television credits began in 2012 on the show GCB when she was cast as a young Joan Crawford. She received her first recurrent role lasting 3 seasons on the Showtime series House of Lies and has produced and appeared in many movies, series' and tv shows since, including the 2020 Netflix mini-series, Hollywood where she portrayed Veronica Lake.

She received acclaim as a cartoonist and illustrator for the surreal compositions in her single panel cartoon strip, Sun Gone Nova that appeared in the Century City News between 2008 and 2010 while she was the Managing Editor of the publication. An autographed copy of the same-titled comic book is in the Nasa Astronaut Library OfficeIn 2020 she published a 10 year anniversary coloring-book edition of Sun Gone Nova and donates 100% of the royalties to charity

She wrote, illustrated and published her second title, The Dream: A Bedtime Story, a children’s book in 2012, which was based on a short story she developed as a young girl and later rediscovered in a journal.

In her early years she studied art history and hosted art openings in her Gallery. Her art interests and knowledge eventually led her to become a founding member of the Century City Arts & Cultural Affairs Council in 2009. She continued studies in macro economics and world history.

There have been many turning points in her history, one distinctive transformation is when H. Evie Ryland’s passion for the arts led her to explore the artistry of automobiles more deeply when she became an active member of the Ferrari Club of America. She discovered both comfort and excitement around cars and in all automotive aspects; driving, engineering, design and especially the community. 

Her habit for journalism spilled over, extending into the world of classics, supercars, luxury coach builders, motorsports & off road vehicles. She has investigated or reported on every vehicle she could get her hands on including racing yachts, aircraft carriers & antique warplanes, private jets, trains, submarines, and even space flight including rocket powered spacecraft in orbit during the NASA shuttle program. It is here where she built the foundation and dedication to her personal project; Drive Discover Devour.

Her automotive interests were cultivated by car enthusiast relatives though she did not recognize herself as an enthusiast until much later. 

The vehicle-centric adventure series, Drive Discover Devour is what she calls her magnum opus creation. In the series, she meets with experts and enthusiasts discussing their cars as well as the cultural and political significance of automobiles, stories, art, lifestyle, local history & cuisine.  

To describe her succinctly; she strives to preserve the history and culture of transportation and to inspire the continued pursuit of creative engineering, art, design, technology, education and limitless adventure. 

When she's not filming, writing or reading she spends much of her time driving with her co-pilot Fuzzy Monster Truck through the many California canyon roads bathed in abundant sunshine.

About Ryland Gallery

Ryland Gallery is known for fearlessly pioneering an art scene for under represented local artists. The gallery was officially opened in 1998 offering a venue and market for upcoming young artists. It began in an undesirable part of town that evolved into a thriving arts district currently known as Roosevelt Row. 

The Ryland Gallery designation evolved into the umbrella of my creativity, changing form into a publishing and production company as I began collaborating with talents in a variety of creative industries. Work produced in house include films & television series, art, music, creative consulting, music publishing, editing, co-writing feature films such as Star Trip (aka Voltar), writing and illustrating books such as Sun Gone Nova and The Dream and producing Varúð; a Sigur Ros music video for the Valtari Experiment. I have been providing publishing and consulting services for art, books, music, film & video in Los Angeles since 2003.

Ryland Gallery remains a catalyst of my creativity, endeavoring to enhance and empower individualism, inspire curiosity, learning and discovery through art, film, literature, beauty and humor.