About Ryland Gallery

Ryland Gallery began as a brick art gallery in 1998 and evolved into a publishing and production company, collaborating with a variety of talents and industries. Complete works produced in house include films, art, music and books such as Sun Gone Nova, an illustrated cartoon collection, Remember; musical compositions by Chrome Cobra, and Star Trip a feature length art film to list a few. Publishing services for art, books, music, film & video creation, have been provided in Los Angeles, California since 2003.

Ryland Gallery is a catalyst of creativity, endeavoring to enhance and empower individuality by inspiring curiosity, learning and discovery through art, film, literature, beauty and humor.


About H. Evie Ryland


H. Evie Ryland is an American film producer, artist, author, actress, model, philanthropist, and humorist. She has written, acted and produced films since 1998, with her feature film credits beginning in 2004 on the drama/gangster film she produced, El Padrino featuring a star-studded cast. Her network television credits began in 2012 on the show GCB when she was cast as a young Joan Crawford. She received her first recurrent role lasting 3 seasons between 2012 and 2013 on the Showtime series House of Lies shot on the Sony Pictures studios lot.

She received acclaim as an enlightening cartoonist and illustrator for her surreal compositions in the single panel cartoon strip, Sun gone Nova that appeared in the Century City News between 2008 and 2010. An autographed copy of the same-titled art book is in the Astronaut Library at Nasa Johnson Space Center in Houston. Her second book, The Dream: A Bedtime Story, published in 2012 is an illustrated children’s book which was also written and illustrated by Ryland and based on a story she created as a young girl.

She studied art history early in life, first becoming known for creating an Edie Sedgwick like art scene hosting eccentric parties that developed a following surrounding Ryland Gallery in the late 90’s where events are ongoing today as a prime art destination known as Roosevelt Row. Her knowledge and art interests were drawn upon again in 2009 when she became a founding member of the Century City Arts & Cultural Affairs Council.

Ryland’s passion for the arts led her to delve deeper into the artistry of automotive engineering & travel. Her passion and journalism extends beyond luxury coachbuilders, supercars, motorsports & off road vehicles. She has researched and reported on watercraft & space flight, antique warplanes & aircraft carriers, jets, trains, submarines, racing yachts and rocket powered spacecraft to the NASA shuttle program. 

Her interests were initially cultivated by car enthusiast relatives whom she shadowed while working on a variety of rare vehicles they collected over the years, and she has remained an avid enthusiast. She continues to meet with experts and car fans and spends much of her time driving with her dog, Fuzzy Monster Truck through southern California canyon roads bathed in abundant sunshine. She strives to preserve the rich history of transportation and inspire the continued pursuit of creative engineering & higher design technology.

About Steve D. Wood


Steve D. Wood is an American Engineer, Automotive Designer, Technologist, Comedian and Writer who specializes in American Sports Car motoring. He is best known for his Customizations to Shelby Automobiles under the name of his firm “PANAVIA” in Campbell, California.

Building the brand of PANAVIA, Mr. Wood stands on the shoulders of giants in automotive racing history. His childhood heroes are the likes of Jack Sears, Allen Grant, Peter Brock, Bob Bondurant and Jackie Stewart who have taught him many professional and personal life lessons.  He has devoted most of his adult life to improving technology from his corporate background in IT and Systems, Opto-Electronic/Ophthalmic Manufacturing equipment design as well as Technical Team and Process Development. Steve regards himself as “Werner Von Braun in cowboy boots.”

Mr. Wood prides himself on aiding companies through mergers and acquisitions. He works with legal firms in a consulting role, explaining complicated technology to council with his gift for easily clarifying technical subjects in a fun and educational manner.

Steve’s passion has always been American sports cars (Shelby Cobra, Daytona Coupe, Sting Ray and GT40). When he became successful in his businesses he wanted to get back to his roots as a motoring enthusiast. Joining forces with his teammates from automotive, technical and IT industries, he has formed PANAVIA in Silicon Valley which brings craftsmanship and 21st century technology to the cars of his youth.  

Steve recently aided and abetted the “Original Venice Crew” with significant work on their prototype OVC GT350R Mustang and has been commissioned by many high-end clients to build “the nicest” cars possible. He is highly sought after by well-heeled car enthusiasts, who want their cars “built to a standard, not down to a price”.


 “We Make the American Dream Happen” –Steve Wood on Jay Leno’s Garage in 2015.