About Evie Ryland

Cartoonist and Author, Evie Ryland is the creator of  "Sun Gone Nova", a single-panel comic strip. She is the creator of the children's bedtime story "The Dream", and a fine artist in the medium of pen & ink, capturing evocative concepts of ardent circumstance. She is also a publisher, producer, director, actress & model.

Ms. Ryland grew up in a Southern Texas beach town with her mother, an artist and her father, a chemist. Coming from a family with a strong relationship to the land, she was taught how to capture armadillos with her bare hands, swim with sharks, and avoid attacks by wild boar, owls and rattlesnakes. 

However, it's believed that she discovered the value of cynicism after she was purportedly abducted by a pink UFO while riding her bicycle as a young teen. She then gave up the peaceful beach life, and spent much of her time traveling and developing her talent for creating extremely interesting and complex characters & concepts. 

Her genius for satirical and analytical humor is her method of achieving a conceptually and contextually different reality and has been attributed to her parent's artistic and scientific influence as well as her unusual childhood experiences. 

Ms. Ryland currently resides in Los Angeles, California.